BOM FNV: 1 Ne 3


1When Creator finished speaking with me, I went to my father’s tent lodge 2and he told me that Creator gave him another sacred vision in the night. He said,

“I have dreamed a dream, and Creator has instructed me that you and your brothers have to go back to Village of Peace (Jerusalem). 3Chief Full Moon (Laban) has control of the sacred records of the Tribal Members and the record of the ancestry of my fathers, which are both carved on brass sheets. 4Creator instructed me that you and your brothers should go to the lodge of Chief Full Moon to get these records, and then bring them here in the desert wilderness. 5

I already told your brothers these things, but they complained to me and said what I am asking of them is too hard. But it is not me who is asking them to do this—it is Creator! 6But I know that when you go, my son, the blessing of Creator will be upon you because you have not complained like them.”

7“I will follow Creator’s instructions,” I said to my father, “because I know he does not send his children down a path while leaving stones in the way.”

8My words made my father’s heart dance for joy, for he then knew the blessing of Creator indeed rested on me.


9So my brothers and I packed up our tipis and took our journey back through the desert wilderness toward the land of Village of Peace (Jerusalem). 10When we arrived, we came up with a plan 11and, to decide which of us should go to the lodge of Chief Full Moon (Laban), we drew straws. The straw was in favor of Shimmering Light (Laman).

So Shimmering Light (Laman) went into the lodge of Chief Full Moon (Laban) and talked with him. 12He told Chief Full Moon (Laban) that he wanted the records that were carved on the brass sheets that contained the ancestry of my father. 13This request angered Chief Full Moon (Laban), and he threw my brother out from his lodge, saying that he would not give up the records.

“You are nothing but a thief,” Chief Full Moon (Laban) shouted. “And I kill thieves!”

14Shimmering Light (Laman) managed to escape from there, and when he told us what Chief Full Moon (Laban) did and said to him, our hearts fell to the ground.


My brothers thought it best to go back to our father in the desert wilderness. 15But I did not.

“As Creator lives, and as we live,” I cried, “we have made a solemn promise not go down to our father in the desert wilderness until we do what Creator has instructed, 16so let us be faithful in doing as he has said. Let’s go down to our ancestral hunting grounds, where our father left his gold, his silver, and his riches. Creator told him to leave those things behind 17for he knew that Village of Peace (Jerusalem) would be destroyed, because of the worthless ways of the people 18and their rejection of the prophets Creator sent them. If our father would have stayed after he was instructed by Creator to leave, he too would suffer with the rest. So, he had to leave all these things behind for that reason. 19But now we have another reason: the Creator says we should obtain these records to preserve the language of our ancestors 20and the sacred teachings of the holy prophets that have come to us from Creator from the beginning of the world until now!”

21These are the kinds of things I said to my brothers to try and inspire them to have faith and to follow Creator’s instructions.


22So we went down to our ancestral hunting grounds, and there we packed up our gold, and our silver, and our precious things. 23With these things in hand, we went up again to the lodge of Chief Full Moon (Laban). 24We again asked him for the records that were carved on the brass sheets, but this time we offered to give him our gold, and our silver, and all our precious things in return. 25But Chief Full Moon (Laban) longed to have what we showed him without making a trade. Suddenly he had us thrown out of his lodge and he sent his servants to kill us. 26We ran to save our lives, leaving our things behind. And Chief Full Moon (Laban) called them his. 27The servants of Chief Full Moon (Laban) chased us out of the village until we hid in a cave.


28Shimmering Light (Laman) was angry with me, and also with my father. Devoted to Creator (Lemuel) joined him because he agreed. They said many hard words to us, their younger brothers, and they started beating us with a staff.

29While they were beating us, suddenly a spirit-messenger from Creator appeared in front of them!

“Why are you beating your younger brother with a staff?” the spirit-messenger sharply asked. “Do you not know Creator has chosen him to be your chief? He has decided this because of your broken ways. Now go up again to Village of Peace (Jerusalem), and Creator will deliver Chief Full Moon (Laban) into your hands.”

30With those words the messenger then departed.


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